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Have you ever wondered why a painting which looks like your 6 year old could execute better, commands multi-million dollar prices in auctions & how prices of paintings seem to regularly breach earlier records & reach earth shattering highs? Are you interested in art history and to know how to interpret art? Would you like to learn practical skills and insights into the art world? Do you wonder about the whys & the wherefores of the art market pricing, how the art market functions, prices determined, artists promoted, values assigned to works? 

If so, sign up to know more about our upcoming events or book an event for a select group of people & learn about Indian masters, their unique styles, the nuances of their work, why they're considered masters & who are the names to watch out for. We organise art workshops & lecture demonstrations on appreciation & on how & where to start art, for a group of 15 people or more. 



Art Cafe by Tangerine, Level 4, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel, Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 


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