A Mythical Equation

The region of the Indian sub-continent is recognised for its diverse cultural history, rich in manifestations of art and literature. While political events and power shifts over the centuries have challenged the continuity of certain traditions, present times still reflect a number of these vernacular practices, which have been evolving more contemporary idioms against all odds and adapting to newer mediums as well as forms of display. 

"There are many folk and tribal artists who have become recognised in their own right, standing alongside fine-art trained artists – a definite transformation from those who worked anonymously following ritual rhythms.


“A Mythical Equation”  brings together a selection of these artists’ works from all across India, celebrating local interpretations of the Epic Ramayana and showcasing the vibrant imagery and eloquent visual narrative that accompanies such storytelling. The artworks revolve around the intersection of the divine with the worldly, and the sacred with the secular – unique qualities of the Indian cultural landscape that open up myriad spaces of artistic experimentation.

-Lina Vincent Sunish


Tangerine Art Space deeply believes in conserving and supporting this artistic heritage and is committed to providing a platform for folk and tribal artists to showcase their work and build new audiences. 


The exhibition, set against the release of the book Vanara by Anand Neelakantan illuminates the distinctive linear and formal qualities of Gond, Bastar, Mithila, Madhubani, Pichwai and other indigenous art forms representing both the simplicity and the intricacy of the art forms. 

The following is the list of participating artists: 


1. Venkat Raman Singh Shyam - Gond paintings, Madhya Pradesh 

2. Kalyan Joshi- Phad painting Rajasthan 

3. Sanjay Chitara- Mata ni Pachhedi, Gujarat

4. Anil Wangad - Warli art, Maharashtra 

5. Suresh Baghmare- Gadhawa kam , Bastar 

6. Pranab Narayan Das- Patta Chitra, Odissa 

7. Shailesh Pandit- Clay & Ceramic art, Mumbai

8. Mahalaxmi Karan- Madhubani, Bihar

9. Amrita- Madhubani, Bihar

10. Kamta Bhil- Bhil, Madhya Pradesh

11. Geeta bariya- Bhil, Madhya Pradesh 

12. Mahesh Vishnoi- Pichhwai, Rajasthan

13. Kalam Patua - Bengal Patua, West Bengal

14. Ishwar Naik - Mandana, Karnataka

Venue: Art Café by Tangerine 
Sheraton Grand Bangalore at Brigade Gateway.

Date: Novembers 14th - December 14th, 2018
Hours: Monday–Sunday 12.00noon –9.00pm



Art Cafe by Tangerine, Level 4, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel, Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 


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